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Are there any fees for withdraw?

From the payment amount, payment processors Payeer and PerfectMoney may charge you a small fee. Please be aware that this fee is not charged by us, but the payment processor themselves. When your payment is processed, this fee is deducted in advance before they are credited to Payeer or PerfectMoney.

For example, when you request a payment of $5 through Payeer, you will see that the withdraw fee in Hits.cash as 0% + $0.000. This means that we do not take any additional cut or commission from your payment. However, Payeer charges a fee of 5 cents ($0.05) on a $5 payment, when you receive it. This 5 cent is automatically deducted from your payment and $4.95 is credited in your Payeer account. This is just an example. The fee of payment processors depends on the withdraw amount.

Bitcoin withdraw as a fixed fee of $0.15 and no additional network fee will apply.