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How are BAP points converted to money exactly?

You receive BAP (Bonus Ad Points) by viewing the Activation Ads that are issued to you everyday and getting direct referrals and by buying Ad Packs. Having BAP, makes you eligible to receive Paid Ads (cash ads). When you receive Paid Ads, they consume you BAP. For every $0.01 worth of Paid Ads you view, 20 BAP is deducted from your account upon viewing.  For example, if you receive $1 worth of paid ads, 2000 BAP are automatically deducted from your BAP balance. You can get more BAP by buying Ad packs. Each Adpack you buy costs $1 and instantly gives you 3000 BAP, which is worth $1.50 in paid ads. Your BAP balance determines how much you get in paid ads. The more BAP you have, the more cash you can get in paid ads.